Space Patrol Luluco (TV) – Episode 01

God bless Trigger for creating more dumb shorts for me to sub.

Faster next week now that we have the OP and ED sorted. Those were REALLY hard to make out…

Space Patrol Luluco (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using a recently-updated version of CCCP or KCP.

Good Job! Media


    • When Showtimes is updated with the Spring shows.

      Adding new shows is a manual process and the only person able to do it, currently, is away until the 10th.

  1. Typesetting is missing on one of the signs, the one adz translated as “This guy” (which I thought was a welcome touch comedy-wise).

    Otherwise the best release by far. Seems like I’ll be with GJM for this one. :)

    • It’s there, just placed slightly different for aesthetics, iirc.

      I’d have to go doublecheck, though.

    • It’s there, pretty sure it’s on the right sign too. I had to move some of the others around because there was no space but I made sure to keep the funnier ones.

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