Comet Lucifer – TV Batch

This batch fixes all of the errors reported to us, and otherwise discovered, in the TV episodes.

Other small improvements, including official lyrics for all inserts, will come with the BD release.

Thanks for choosing GJM!

Comet Lucifer – TV Batch: [Torrent] & [DDL]
Patches: [DDL]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using a recently-updated version of CCCP or KCP.

Good Job! Media


          • I’ve really enjoyed most of your guys work so if you pick something up from now on I’ll probably at least give it a look. Comet Lucifer I got uber hyped on for no reason lol. I saw the cover on anichart and was like idk wtf that is but i’m going to love it and ya it was everything i hoped and then some. Plus people who died stay dead thats always a plus even if i liked them. I think first thing i picked up from you guys was god eater mostly because i didn’t see any one else doing it that seemed reliable and enjoy your guys work so I decided to follow.

  1. Thanks for the batch release :) Look forward to your BDs too omnomnom~!

    By the way, I read through the entire collection of random quotes – priceless xD

    • :D

      And uh, yeah, BDs should come whenever someone actually decides to UL them somewhere for us. No idea when that’ll be.

      • Wasn’t a subtle hint for the BDs haha. I always prefer to wait for a quality group release ;)

        Side question: What is the best video player for anime these days? Been using VLC for a long time but recently have been having issues with KFX playback on some group releases both 720p and 1080p however TV batches were fine with the same effects lol.

        Not your problem obviously, just thought I’d ask :P

        Thanks again Fyurie!

        • Hah, I figured, I’m just pointing it out as a general fact. :P

          As far as players go, using MPC-HC with either KCP or CCCP (MPC-HC is included with these two codec packs) is the way to go. Check the links attached to the bottom of all of our release posts to find downloads for either one of the two.

        • VLC will play about anything due to its adaptive codec. I find a good version and then don’t update for a long freaken time genereally. Only times you really have huge issues are full surround doesn’t like to play out of laptops via hdmi sometimes. (can be fixed via some weird shit). what files you having issues with play back? I can figure it out for you.

          • @Fyurie: Cheers man, will take a look and see if it makes a difference :)

            @Balmung42: First noticed it with an HEVC encode of SallySubs but recently found the same issue with FFF’s release of Toshi Asterisk.

            OP kfx don’t show up or do momentarily. Pretty frustrating xD

            ED is absolutely fine.

            Any thoughts welcome :)

        • What version of vlc are you using? My laptop can’t even handle the subs for more than a few secs and the kfx are showing up when its actually playing. I’m using version 2.1.5.

          • Currently running 2.2.1 – Can’t figure it out myself haha

          • try a few different versions. Literally the subs lag the video so bad in vlc on my laptop it skips but the kfx works while its on screen so its hard telling what your issue actually is lol. Try the version I’m using.

          • The KFX appear momentarily and do work, however, disappear due to what I imagine is lag or something of that nature.

            Didn’t think my laptop was that shit.., I may have been wrong haha

          • It’s hard telling. My laptop straight up can’t play it and the scene breaks entirely like 4 seconds in. Its not even that your laptop might be shit its more of the type of decoding that is required might not be what your cpu is good at. Like in my gaming rig my cpu lags when watching umaru but plays crysis 1-3 beautifully along with anything else. Only game that gives me issues is ARK actually and thats due to a new update where they fucked up their multi-threading system for AI and rendering. (its old and needs replaced soon its a athlon II first or second gen). My laptop runs the amd a6 with its gpu system which is actually slightly better for watching anime and gaming both but has a shit ton of other issues including but not limited to single core ratings.

  2. No offense is intended to those who may love Comet Lucifer, but I kept watching it because of everyone here (yes, including those who commented). Thank you for the wonderful batch! =D

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