Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (TV) – Episode 06

Yuri’s a total cutie.

Joint with FFF.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (TV) – Episode 06: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Thx guys. Good job.

    btw, how is the progress on Akagami final episode? just a reminder, no offense, haha. I’m afraid that u forgot, since the project status hasn’t been updated for some time now. Will always wait for ur release 🙂

    • Akagami is partially translated. zenrii’s been busy for a while so she hasn’t had time to really attack it.

      It’ll get done, don’t worry. Sorry for the delays.

      • Having to constantly watch you answer the same goddamn question drives me to suicide. People are impatient baka desu senpai

  2. Dialogue: 10,0:09:53.42,0:09:56.74,GJM_Main,,0,0,0,,Sorry, Kougami,\Nbut I’m going back on patrol.

    Extra space.

  3. >Yuri is a total cutie
    I’d be inclined to be inclined to agree if the VA saying “You’re terrible.” wasn’t so cringey.

    But it’s not like me saying that is worth anything cuz the source material is a light novel series. Actually it’s worth about as much as an average quality of a anime adapted from a light novel series. Only the moon knows what she’s actually like in the LNs.

    Although I really enjoyed her getting trolled this episode.

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