God Eater (TV) – Episode 07

This is your collective faces when you realize we’re still alive and trying to catch up on things.

Danchigai and Akagami should also be coming today. I’m working through both.

God Eater (TV) – Episode 07: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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  1. Something unrelated: Uhm… Am I missing something here? Was Akagami 08 released? I don’t see it anywhere and the project status already indicated so?

    • Guessing it is in the process of being uploaded

      Now if only Rakuen will show some progress

      • Akagami and Danchigai are at QC, I just edited them all out when I released God Eater is all. The “joys” of the entire tracking system being manual is that it’s really tedious and I’ll sometimes just change a bunch at once to make it less work for me. Just assume that if something for a weekly goes missing, it’s at me and is at final steps pre-release.

  2. The Tokyo MX station, Yahoo! TV Japan, and other Japanese television schedules are listing episode 9 of the God Eater anime on September 27 as the final television episode. The end of the television run does not preclude plans for the anime in another format or medium. The new anime Comet Lucifer will take over God Eater’s 10:30 p.m. timeslot on October 4.

    The God Eater anime premiered in August, and four “Extra” episode have so far pre-empted regular episodes that were previously scheduled.

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