Charlotte (TV) – Episode 09

Well, this was uh, interesting. This is doing some very curious things, and tying up some early stuff. Enjoy the ride, people.

Joint with Mezashite!

Charlotte (TV) – Episode 09: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media



    Only 4 more episodes to go and we’re just now getting to the heart of the story… Seems like Maeda’s response to Steins;Gate really. Time travel + flashback + amnesia + handwaving + retcon doormat’s powers + sis not dead + bro-kun exists. Stack enough plot devices on top of each other and maybe they’ll all cancel out. Isn’t it nice that everyone was secretly all connected to everyone else all along? Funny how it always works out like that.

    • I think your comment should be deleted for the fucking spoilers, some of them are wrong though.

      • If something is wrong, point it out, but it’s not. As for spoilers, I guess it might be since most commenting on a release post probably haven’t watched the show yet, but most people should have by now. Fyurie or the other staff are capable of deleting it. IDK if there is a spoiler tag, but I’m not able to edit past comments.

  2. For some reason, the episode didn’t strike me like I thought it would. Still curious to see how things are gonna play out now.

    Thanks for the subs

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