Charlotte (TV) – Episode 05

charlotte 05 premux[CC3056BF]_001_10958

Will Nao ever stop being so great?

Also, see Danchigai 04 post for slowness.

Joint with Mezashite!

Charlotte (TV) – Episode 05: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media


  1. There’s no doubt about it… She is awesome… Thanks so much for the episode!

  2. thanks for the episode! and at 17:21: “a devil is she!” > “a devil she is!”?

  3. Nao eating those hits without so much as a flinch triggered me. Just fucking them back you cunt.

  4. As previously stated, Akagami is a slow sub project. There are only 3 guys working on it and that’s when we’re done with other high priority projects (Danchigai,Charlotte and God Eater). And that’s only from GJM’s point of view, the guys are working on other projects at other groups as well.

    That said, Akagami is not dropped. Slowly but surely , we are working on it.

  5. Glad I decided to give you guys a shot seeing as CR is continually failing for this show. Will give your other shows a try as well, thanks. That OP karaoke is awesome, can’t say the same for the EDs though.

    • The EDs didn’t leave much for the imagination, I think Jocko did the best he could with them. The OP is fucking spectacular though, love it.

      • To me, the ED font just didn’t work matching the transition to the night sky and stars from after school. The OP is really impressive and best of all doesn’t lag on me at all despite being so well animated which is something I do not really understand why some karaokes lag and others do not.

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