Danchigai (TV) – Episode 03

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Another small dose of comfort.

Danchigai (TV) – Episode 03: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Fantastic job on everything you’re doing this season, much appreciated. I’ll be watching every one of your releases unless I decide to drop God Eater. Keep up the good work, and please don’t die like caffeine; at least get through a season or two of good shows.

    • Death isn’t on the agenda, though I won’t guarantee speedy releases all season coz Summer has staff coming and going for various activities, as you’re probably already noticing. ;_;

      • Fine by me as long as delays are (generally) <1 week. If I'm watching stuff once a week on Friday instead of once a week on Monday I don't particularly mind since I'm still getting it weekly. It's only annoying when you get FFFucking delays that last months. I have been waiting two years for Anime-Koi's Kyousougiga, for example. As long as you don't do that you'll be fine.

        Also, an unrelated question if you don't mind, why reversed name order for God Eater? It's one of my biggest pet peeves with subs. I get the rationale for no honorifics and don't particularly mind one way or another, but name order is different. Hearing "Utsugi Lenka" while the subs read "Lenka Utsugi" is jarring.

        • You’ll never see me having delays like that, don’t worry.

          In regards to the name order thing, Daisuki originally put it like that, and zenrii didn’t opt to change it round. I imagine the games do it that way too, and I’m not going to go against the God Eater fangirl over something that I consider minor.

          Ultimately, I don’t care about name orders or honorifics, I just want my subs to make sense and be accurate, and that’s the ethos I sub with. :P

          • Ah yeah, for stuff that already has official media that reverses name order (like the God Eater games) that makes sense since fans of the franchise who are watching it are likely to be used to it already being reversed. Thanks for the reply.

          • Yeah, that was my thoughts on it, but in general it wouldn’t have bothered me either way as I don’t pay much attention to those kinds of things. :P

            And yeah, no prob, feel free to ask me anything, I’m always willing to discuss why we do things the way we do. :)

          • Who cares about shoe size? The only sizes I want to know are Fyurie’s three sizes

  2. I commend you for your yeoman’s work on this abominable cartoon.

      • Unusual to see phrases likes these in fansubs is all. You know what they say, it’s all a herkz.

        • w

          But nah, I think the point should be to use natural speech patterns for kids like they are, and that’s the kind of thing you’d hear. If I thought it was wrong to do, I’d have cut it at QC like I normally would. ;)

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