Charlotte (TV) – Episode 02

charlotte 02 premux[EA8E6C11]_001_15792

Tomori’s demeanor is way too great. Since when does a main Key girl act this spunky? Love it.

Also, both the OP and ED are in this episode, and as you would expect, we’ve KFXed them both, thanks to the very based Jocko.


Joint with Mezashite!

Charlotte (TV) – Episode 02: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Thanks again. Should we expect future episodes to be released around this time or will they be released earlier like you mentioned last week?

    • They should speed up so long as they don’t keep throwing songs at us.

      This one took the longest because our KFXer was determined to make the OP match the credit effect, which was totally worth it as it looks great.

  2. >spunky

    Fyurie please. She’s a manipulative and hypocritical bitch only thinking about herself.

  3. 17:54. “…keep away me from him..” -> “…keep me away from him…”? Thanks for the release! I’ve been waiting for this since last night

  4. Great job on the opening. Although at the part at 1:25, instead of “to shiteru” it sounds like “watashi teru” but that could just be me.

    • We spent a lot of time thinking over these, we’ll probably just wait until official lyrics to confirm any of our suspicions, it’s a lot better for sanity. :P

      Thanks for your input, regardless!

    • God Eater should be today. Our encoder for the show had some stuff going on and it took him a day longer to get to it this week.

      Akagami will probably be some time at the weekend or so, it takes me a while to filter it between working on other projects at GJM.

  5. at ~15:37 wouldn’t “…the kind of sound” or “…kind of the sound” instead of “the kind of the sound”? and, thanks for releases!

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