Charlotte (TV) – Episode 01

charlotte 01 premux[CA8D0274]_001_31630

Some small delays due to typesetters being busy for this specific weekend, but what’s done is done. We should be faster from now on.

This looks pretty sound so far, and I’m hoping that Jun can learn from Angel Beats and make this something great.

There was no OP or ED this week for whatever reason, hopefully they’ll show up next week.


Joint with Mezashite!

Charlotte (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media



    Awesome pick!

    Thanks so much for picking this up and I can’t wait to see more!

  2. First episode was great. Nothing like last summer’s flop. By the way guys, I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or not, but on line 138 (the one with “I repeat”) the dialogue starts slightly after the voice.

        • That would technically make it early, but my understanding from the timer is that it was intentional for visual fidelity. They would have flashed one off and one on otherwise.

          I might see if I can handle it better in the batch, though.

  3. Looks like a fun show, interesting anti-hero protag. Thanks for the subs. I hear the official ones are bad so it’s good that fansubbers are on it.

    • We did talk about it, but we couldn’t come to a point where we felt the TL choice was elegant enough to warrant TLing it throughout the entire script without it looking like an awkward choice. This way, until we decide on something elegant, we’ve only had to translate it once.

      Also, on top of that, school names are proper nouns and would be read the same way in English as in Japanese, albeit romanized.

  4. Checked this episode after Shirayuki-hime and now I know where to follow two shows this season. Good Job!

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