Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – PV

Not quite an announcement just yet, as we’ll make certain of our plans after the first episode, but this series definitely has our attention and unless things go horribly wrong, we’ll likely end up working on it.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, though: Download the PV using the link below!

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – PV1: [Torrent]

Good Job! Media


  1. What kind of name is “Good Job! Media” ?? Am I missing some sort of joke?

      • In all honesty, I don’t mind this new project. It’s just your indecisiveness. First you dropped what you worked for quite some time to establish. Then you took a WoW break. Now you’re repeating the same.
        Of course, I love every single one of your releases, I’m just wondering if that break was useful, or if you’ll just snap again.

        • Honestly, it wasn’t my indecisiveness that caused what happened to Kaylith. If anything, I blame my overextending (by a very long way) in the fansubbing world for what happened. I’ve used all of Winter to think about what it is I want to do and at the root of it all, I do still enjoy fansubbing.

          What I won’t be doing now, however, though, is stretching myself out to encompass as large of a section of the fansubbing circle as I did before. In Fall 2014, I was in 6-7 groups working on 9 shows. Hindsight obviously tells us that doing that was a fucking terrible idea. Now I’m working for Asenshi as QC, Hiryuu as QC, and GJM as whatever they want me to do.

          On top of that, I’m doing things in moderation now, too. A big problem was that Kaylith grew a lot faster than I’d ever imagined it to, and as a result, probably started slipping out of my control around early Fall. I love the majority of the staff I had there and I’m glad they’re still managing to go on as caffeine with the shows they’re doing too, but I needed to step away from that.

          There was probably a better way to handle it, for sure, but at that time, I was certainly too tightly-wound to have come out of that cleanly, and I’ve apologised to various caffeine staff for that as it wasn’t anything to do with them at the end of it, they were great.

          Also with my WoW breaks, those are regular as hell, that’s nothing new!

          Hope that clears things up a bit, about me, about Kaylith, and about GJM.

          EDIT: Holy shit that’s a wall.
          EDIT 2: Also what is that song on your blog? I clicked your link out of curiosity and that song was legit.

          • @EDIT2
            My blog is random step-by-step lessons for local leechers, that’s why it’s in lithuanian, my native tongue, as you would say(or write :D).
            The song is Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ending and I love it. There was some promotion stuff and anyone was able to listen to the full version for 48 hours. Some guys found a leak and voila – http://puu.sh/elbhT.mp3

          • Since you’re not working on a project with GJM, is there any chance you’ll finish up Barakamon with Underwater? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been looking forward to a good group/staff to wrap it up.

          • Very unlikely. I haven’t been on good terms with Underwater since Fall. I also hold only a mild interest in the show, doubled up with the fact that Daiz is the only reason it got stalled for so long. Staff motivation dropped after several episodes were stuck at release, and it’s probably snowballed even further since.

  2. >Saenai didn’t work out in the end. Translator is too busy, and there are plenty of worthwhile alternatives. Maybe something next season.
    Why not pick up something else? There are still a few shows this season that don’t have a single group doing them.

    • We thought about it. The TL is doing a lot already though, and that showed, with the lack of time he had to put into the Saenai TL.

      I think it’s more beneficial to play the waiting game and make a really solid choice next season. There’s nothing much else any of us really want to do.

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